December 15, 2008

Shinobazu Pond in Twilight

shinobazu pond in ueno park
shinobazu pond in ueno parkAround a half month I have posted photos of ueno park.
I will come back to this park some day.
Because this park has each beauty in the four seasons.

Well,I will introduce you neighborhood of ueno park in a few days from tomrrow.
Stay tuned!!


Malyss said...

In your first picture I noticed that the fence is IN the water, and not NEAR the water.Is it a flood?
In the two pictures, there is a pretty and melancholic light to say good bye to Ueno Park...

babooshka said...

The light looks so beautiful.

roentarre said...

Really beauitiful citiscape shots in deed

Hilda said...


Here I am again with my questions! I hope my curiosity's not irritating you already :)

What's that plant growing in the water?

nobu said...

Thanks all.

It is not fence.
I have seen seagulls are rest on
the posts.

Those are lotus and Japanese pampas grass in the pond.
I think the plant you said is Japanese pampas grass
By the way this pond is covered with green by lotus in summer.

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