January 20, 2009

Take a walk again from Akihabara

cyuo-dori at akihabara
I'm on the chuo-dori(street) at akihabara.
And I'm under the railroad over pass of sobu-line.
In this time, I will walk from here to the west.

It is not long walk.
But you will see some historical places, after I am out of this town.
Key wold of the walking is "holy".
If you know the destination, please write it as comment.

In any way, I will walk across the street and walk along the railroad over pass to the west.

back street in akihabara electric town
I have just walked across the street, and walk on the back street along the rairoad over pass.
There are many shops under the railroad over pass and also on the right side of the street.
By the way, I walk very slowly in this time, because it is not long walk and I have enough time.

To be continued.


Marc said...

I like the perspective in the first picture. And I notice there's just so many shops in Tokyo. But of course that's because there are so many people. Enjoy your walk nobu,

Malyss said...

First, bridge over your head is impressive, and what's funny is that the bridge is very tall and the streets along seem to be narrow and small.
Then, trying to guess where you're going:
As far as I know, sobu-line goes from north-east to south west.So, if you go to the west,You don't go to ueno park, which is on the north.
Am I right?
If you go to something holy, are you going to a temple? but maybe it would help me if you tell me the japanese word for "holy".
From now, I must admit I'm lost!..Ü HELP!

nobu said...

You are right.
Ueno is on the north from akihabara.
And you give me nice question.
Kanji symbol "聖" means holy.
It pronounce "sei" or "hijiri".

PinkPanthress said...

The railroad-bridge in the first pic looks so huge & impressing! :) Awesome!

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