January 13, 2009

Walking from Ginza to Akihabara (mansei-bashi)

mansei-bashi I'm still walking along chuo-dori(street) to the north.
Photo above is mansei-bashi(bridge).
It is a bridge over kanda-gawa(river).
You can see buildings in akihabara electric town over there.


view from mansei-bashi to the north
Thanks all for walking with me, from ginza to akihabara.

These photos were taken on January 3, 2009.


rick whitman said...

I made an almost identical walk in August 1955, 54 years ago. what a change, but in many ways tokyo is still the same. I recognize manya of the buldings, but somewhere along the there was a coffee shop that my girl friend and I stopped in and had some iced coffee to help cool us off. Thanks for sharing your trip.

Hilda said...

I like that little stone tower and wall, and the iron railing is a beauty! Thank you for taking us along, Nobu. It was fun!

Malyss said...

This pretty old fashion bridge seems to be lost among all this modernity!
"electric" town seems the right word for this place: so much lights and electric signs!!

JM said...

Great colours on the buildings contrasting with the beautiful bridge.

Marc said...

Thanks for the tour nobu!

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