January 5, 2009

Walking from Ginza to Akihabara (Meidi-ya)

meidi-ya I'm walking along chuo-dori(street) at kyobashi.
Kyobashi is a historical commercial district in Tokyo.

meidi-ya This is maidi-ya building.
Maiji-ya is a food company.
I love this nostalgic building.
It is connected to subway station (Kyobashi station).

To be continued.

I took these photos on January 3 2009.


Malyss said...

It seems to have been build around 1920/1930; I like the sculpted part on the first floor and the round windows on the top; Interesting architecture.

Marc said...

Interesting. We have a Meidi-ya store here in Amsterdam and it is part of the Meidi-ya group. Many Japanese people who live here go there. I went there a couple of times, but that's years ago.

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