February 12, 2009

Ueno Park in Winter

ueno park in winter
I have already introduced you ueno park in autmn.
From today, I post photos of the park in winter.

fountain in ueno park
Photo above is fountain in the park.

ginkgo tree in ueno park in winter
Photo above is a ginko tree in ueno park.
You can see a ginkgo tree with yellow leaves in the park from here

stone lanterns in ueno toshogu shrine
Photo above is stone lanterns in ueno toshogu shrine.
You can see ueno toshogu shrine in autumn from here

sogakudo Photo above is sogakudo

view of bentendo from shinobazu pondPhoto above is the scnery of bentendo from shinobazu-pond.
You can see the same view in autumn from here

These photos were taken on February 10, 2009.


Marc said...

This seems a much needed breathing space in the middle of the city. Especially the gingko tree looked different in the autumn pictures. Still very nice place to go in winter.

Malyss said...

Even in winter the place remains beautyful and peaceful. A lot of people seem to go there. You have a nice blue sky; And I still love those impressivestone lanterns .

PinkPanthress said...

Wow, the 2'nd picture really caught my attention for an unknown reason! But, wow...

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