February 24, 2009

Ume Festival in Yushima Tenjin (1)

ume garden in yushima tenjin
Last Saturday, I visited yushima tenjin ( yushima shrine ) to see "Ume Festival".
Those ume blossoms were good to see
Many people came to the shrine.
The festival is held from February 8 to March 8.
During the term, many events are held on Saturday and Sunday.

an entrance of yushima tenjin
a festival event
ume blossoms in yushima tenjin
ume blossoms in yushima tenjin

To be continued.

These photos were taken on February, 21 , 2009.


Marc said...

You must have enjoyed yourself with the beautiful blossom and the music. Nice report.

Malyss said...

Only Japanese People are able to make a festival to celebrate the blossom of the trees!How lovely!

(I Don't know the name of this instrument, but I like the sound made by the kind of tall guitar a woman is using in the orchestra.)

Nancy said...

I sure would love to visit your beautiful country some day...

Thanks for bringing it to us!

mge said...

Ooh, flowers from the cherry trees. I know them from japanese animated series but i never actually saw one.

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