February 3, 2009

An Ume Tree

After taking some photos of hijiri-bridge, I strolled around there.
And I was thinking where I should go.
When I walked through a little park I found a ume tree(Japanese apricot).
You can see Nicolai cathedral under those branchs of the tree in this photo.

I looked the tree for a while.
Those blossoms were about to bloom.
And then, the ume tree told me where I should go.
So my heart was set.
I decided to visit "Yushima Tenjin" that is a shinto shrin.
I had to leave ochanomizu, but it was not so far.

I will post new series (yushima tenjin) in several days.
Key words are "study" and "ume".
Stay tuned!!


Anonymous said...

It looks similar to some trees around here in Brookville, Ohio where I live.

Hilda said...

Another tree that blossoms in winter? How lucky you are! Looking forward to your new series.

Marc said...

It seems pretty early for blossom. Japanese apricots, sounds nice.

Malyss said...

And the question is :"why did the ume tree choose that destination for you, and not another one?"...:-))

White Oleander said...

Love ume...my mom bought a bottle of ume wine from Japan last year.

PinkPanthress said...

Beautiful, very beautiful!

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