February 4, 2009

Yushima Tenjin (1)

entrance of yushima tenjin
Photo above is the maine entrance of yushima tenjin.
Yushima tenjin is a shinto shrine that is located in yushima.
It is near to shinobazu-pond which is in ueno park.

That gate is called "do-torii"(copper gate).
It was built in 1667.

You can see museum of the shrine in right side of the photo.

approach to the main shrine
Photo above is approach to the main shrine.
There are many stalls along the approach.


JM said...

Japanese gates are fantastic! The museum building looks beautiful.

Hilda said...

Reminds me of our churches here — plenty of stalls selling all sorts of stuff too. But no gate or museum this old or magnificent!

Marc said...

I too like this traditional Japanese gate and building. I guess you can buy items to do with worship in the stalls. Or do they also sell other types of articles?

Malyss said...

An other beautyful japanese gate..Those stalls are a little surprising, because all the shrines you showed had not this kind of things around...they don't seem as "holy" as the temple and the museum..

nobu said...

We can buy some souvenir
and some foods in those stalls.

PinkPanthress said...

I've always found Torii fascinating and graceful albeit simplistic looking!

Btw, I reread an Article about Torii on Wikipedia and found something quite interesting.

Torii have Temizuya right? ...and if you (as a Turk) would read the word slighty deformated, you'd hear 'Temiz Su', which is Turkish and means, pure or clean water. :D
Funny isn't it? -Though it's more of a coicidence.

Sorry for digressing but I love languages.

nobu said...

Pink Panthress;
Thanks for your interesting story.

PinkPanthress said...

@ nobu
My pleasure. :) A story shared, is often a better story.

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