March 4, 2009

Ohya Shobo

ohya shobo
Ohya shobo is a book store which is located in kanda-jinbocho.
This book store sells old books published in Edo era (1603-1867).
They sell also ukiyoe and old maps.
Large show window of the store stands out in the street.

show window display of the store
show window display of the store
show window display of the store
These photos were taken on February 21 , 2009.


Marc said...

That looks like a very interesting shop. I like the colourful pictures in the second photo. I can't read Japanese, but I have read quite a few Japanese Zen and philosophy books translated into Dutch and English.

valeria said...

I can't believe this, it's a dream-shop!

Malyss said...

The kind of place I love: bookshops!The pictures you show are really beautyful. But if the books are really from the old periods, they must cost a fortune!or are they re-prints?

JM said...

Fantastic items on display! Would love to go indide this shop.

amatamari said...

gorgeous click for beautiful images ...

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