April 22, 2009

Bank of Edo-gawa (River)

bank of edo-gawa(river)On that day I visited Shibamata Taishakuten temple, I walked to the bank of edo-gawa (river) from the temple.
That bank is eastern edge of Tokyo.
The other side of the river in this photo is matsudo city in Chiba prefecture.
That bank is very wide.
I think It is nice to spend a time on the bank of the river in weekend.

bank of edo-gawa(river)
bank of edo-gawa(river)

These photos were taken on April 11 , 2009.


Vogon Poet said...

Those banks are really huge and wide. Is the river subject to flooding the area?

Cezar and Léia said...

Beautiful place. I've enlarged the picture and I can see people enjoying the grass and nice weather day!
Great post!

Marc said...

I think it's great because of the wide open space. I expect you enjoyed time there.

Anne Vis said...

Looks like a very relaxing environment!

Malyss said...

Those banks are really wide and welcoming! People seem to enjoy them a lot. But I would be afraid to find too many people during the week-end..I like the places where I can be as alone as possible..

nobu said...

Thanks all!
Vogon Poet, Yes, the bank is for flooding.

Ken Mac said...

i like that second shot, that guy is out cold!

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