April 29, 2009

Models in Tora-san Kinenkan

models in tora-san kinenkan
I took these photos in Tora-san kinenkan ( Tora-san memorial hall ) in shibamata.
Those are models which reproduced the approach to shibamata taishakuten temple of around a half century ago.
Those models have fine details.
You can be in the old down town of Tokyo.

models in tora-san kinenkan
models in tora-san kinenkan


These photos were taken on April 22 , 2009.


Vogon Poet said...

Really beautiful images and very detailed models, for what we can see. These images of the Tora-san Memorial Hall are very interesting to know a little more of this character.

Hilda said...

These models are fantastic, Nobu! They look so real!

joo said...

Really great models, I agree with Hilda - they look real!

Malyss said...

Marvellous little sceneries! it makes me think about what we do in Provence, the cribs ("crèches"). It's a good and pretty way to remember the old times.

Cezar and Léia said...

Beautiful post dear Nobu!
The first picture is fabulous, I loved the colour and composition.
These models are so real!
Cool place
Kind Regards

Ken Mac said...

so detailed!

Marc said...

How different it looks to today's Tokyo. There appears to be a giant woman on the street in the third photo. :-)

m_m said...

They are great! Wonderful art work!

Ayie said...

All beautiful!

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