April 23, 2009

Yagiri no Watashi ( Yagiri Ferry )

Yagiri Ferry
I suppose you can't believe that I took these photos in Tokyo.
But actually I took these photos on Tokyo side of edo-gawa( river ).
Anyway, please enjoy country side of Tokyo.

"Yagiri no Watashi " is a ferry across edo-gawa(river).
Yagiri ferry connects shibamata and yagiri.

Yagiri is a district in matsudo city, chiba prefecture.
The place is the scene of an excellent novel, "Nogiku no Haka (Grave of Wild Chrysanthemum)" which was written by Sachio Ito (1864-1913).

This ferry often appeared in tora-san movies.
So, yagiri ferry is well known by that novel and tora-san movies.

But, in 1983, it caught attention from all over Japan again by a popular song titled "Yagiri no Watashi" (singer Takashi Hosokawa).

Yagiri ferry has carried passengers since the early time of Edo Era.
In now a days, it is for sightseeing

The boat is rowed by boatman.

ticket counter of yagiri ferry
Photo above is a ticket counter of yagiri ferry.

landing pier of yagiri ferry
Photo above is a landing pier of yagiri ferry.

These photos were taken on April 11 , 2009.


Marc said...

This looks very rural, not urban at all. And very improvised facilities. Great that you have this nearby the big city.

Cezar and Léia said...

Hello Dear nobu!
It looks very cool!Is it safe?I hope so! In fact I'm asking because I don't know how to swimming and always afraid about water!Forget it! LOL
Wonderful pictures!

nobu said...

Hello Leia, don't worry, It is safe.

Babooshka said...

It does look very rural. This must be a welcome area of tranquility near such a busy city.

Hilda said...

I'd rather have a boat rowed by a man than one with a noisy engine. This is perfect for sightseeing. And I agree with Marc: it does look very rural. Lovely.

Malyss said...

True, it's difficult to think that those pictures were taken in Tokyo!Here we are very far from the usual pictures of your big and modern city..
I like the idea that a simple thing like a ferry became famous thanks to litterature and movies. It shows that this thing has deep roots in the collective spirit of the country.
When I was a child, we had a small ferry here to cross the port.

Vogon Poet said...

I take your word for the urban nature of these beautiful photos. It is incredible to see such a boat still working... Enchanting place!

JM said...

Very nice countryside pics!

Frank said...

This area looks beautiful and serene. A nice counterpoint to all the hurry and bustle of the crowded city. Nice!

Ayie said...

i always see this in anime.

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