April 24, 2009


Yamamoto-tei was a residence of Einosuke Yamamoto who was a businessman in Taisho Era.
I is belong to katsushika ward, and open to public now.
It is located in shibamata, katsushika ward.

Sorry, I couldn't take photos of main garden and inside of the building.
I will show you them someday.

These photos were taken on April 11 , 2009.


Vogon Poet said...

Delightful place and garden. It's a pity we can't see more.

Cezar and Léia said...

Great picture! This house looks so cosy!
By the way...I have heard this surname""yamamoto" in Brazil, I don't know if it is writing like here. Cool!Could it be a name ( first name ) too?
Kind Regards
Léia :-)

nobu said...

Hello Vogon Poet.
I shall post the main garden some day!

Hello Leia,
Yamamoto,山本 is a Japanese family name.
I think many 山本さん live in your country.

m_m said...

It looks great!

Malyss said...

An other very beautyful place.. I especially like the garden, very calm and beautyful

Marc said...

Not a bad place to live.

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