July 20, 2009

Inokashira-dori at Yoyogi Park

I took this photo on a pedestrian bridge over inokashira-dori (street).
Yoyogi park is devided into two part (Northern part and Southern part) by this street.
And that place in this photo in near to harajuku.

This photo was taken on July , 2 , 2009.

July 16, 2009

Meiji Shrine after Rain

a Torii(gate) of Meiji Shrine
After I visited to yoyogi-park, I went to Meiji shrine (Meiji jingu).
Meiji shrine is next to yoyogi-park.
You can see big Torii (gate) in this photo.
And I like those green leaves wetted with rain.

This photo was taken on July 2 , 2009.

July 14, 2009

Yoyogi Park in Drizzle (2)

yoyogi park
yoyogi park
yoyogi park
Yoyogi park is a large park in shibuya ward.
I went to there in weekday, and it was drizzle.
So, the park was very calm.
I took these photos in the flower garden of the park.

These photos were taken on July 2 , 2009.

July 11, 2009

Yoyogi Park in Drizzle (1)

I took this photo around a week ago in yoyogi park.
On that day, it was drizzle.
( We are still in rainy season )
The park had a different atmosphere to usual.

This photo was taken on July 2 , 2009.

July 9, 2009

Hydrangea in Ginza

hydrangea in ginzaI took this photo in front of Mikimoto (Mikimoto pearl) at ginza.
When I went to ginza, I often saw something nice at there.
Please check my articles I have already post about Mikimoto.
New year decoration at mikimoto
Mikimoto christmas tree

By the way, hydrangea is a typical flower in rainy season.
Many peaople stop to view those flowers.
It looks like a small flower garden in ginza.

This photo was taken on Jun 28 , 2009.

July 8, 2009

Picture on the Wall

picture on the wall in tsukiji-ichiba station
I took this photo in tsukiji-ichiba subway station.
This picture is a enlarged reproduction.
Original picture of it is painted by Tamako Kataoka (1905-2008).

This photo was taken on 12 Jun , 2009.

July 1, 2009

Small Shinto Shrine in Hama-rikyu Gardens

small shinto shrine in hama-rikyu gardens
small shinto shrine in hama-rikyu gardens
This shinto shrine is located in hama-rikyu gardens.
I don't know about this shrine well, but it is one of my favorite spot in the garden.

By the way, I finish this series.
Thanks for walking around hama-rikyu gardens with me.
I will visit there again in autumn.
Because the garden has wonderful views in every seasons.

These photos were taken in Jun 12 , 2009.
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