July 1, 2009

Small Shinto Shrine in Hama-rikyu Gardens

small shinto shrine in hama-rikyu gardens
small shinto shrine in hama-rikyu gardens
This shinto shrine is located in hama-rikyu gardens.
I don't know about this shrine well, but it is one of my favorite spot in the garden.

By the way, I finish this series.
Thanks for walking around hama-rikyu gardens with me.
I will visit there again in autumn.
Because the garden has wonderful views in every seasons.

These photos were taken in Jun 12 , 2009.


Ken Mac said...

looks like a beautiful day!

Anya said...

Lovely pictures,
its nice to see gardens
in your country :)
Thanks for sharing !!

Malyss said...

No, Thank YOU to have invited us and guided us in this wonderful place.
This shrine is very lovely, small and hidden among the trees. It seems to be made of wood.
We had a very pleasant travel through those gardens!

Cezar and Léia said...

FAbulous series of pictures about hama-rikyu gardens!
Thanks so much dear friend for sharing !
Waiting for Autumn!
Léia :)

Vogon Poet said...

Thank you for the patience you showed us and the beautiful photos of this walk in the gardens.

Anne Vis said...

Very beautiful!

Hilda said...

A very charming shrine! But why does it look closed?

Thank you for the wonderful tour, Nobu. I enjoyed it immensely and will be looking forward to your autumn pictures of this beautiful park.

m_m said...

Beautiful and calm place.

Ayie said...

wow, nice old little shrine!

Malyss said...

It has been many days since you did not post. I hope you're going well!
Maybe searching a new beautyful place to show us?..Ü

amatamari said...

Thanks, thanks and thanks again ...
I received not only pictures,
these two in particular
are magnificent ...
My heart is full of gratitude
for the work you've done.

Domo arigato!

Leica 麗香 said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us.

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