August 24, 2009

Odaiba Marine Park

odaiba marine park
odaiba marine park
odaiba marine park
odaiba marine park
odaiba marine park
odaiba marine park
odaiba marine park
odaiba marine park
Odaiba marine park ( Odaiba kaihin koen ) is located in an island that is in Tokyo bay.
You can see both view of modern buildings and view of nature.
The park is an popular tourist spot in Tokyo water front.

These photos were taken on August 16 , 2009.


arabesque said...

ahh... nothing but blue and green calm scenery...i like the fishing part and the beach...^-^

Malyss said...

It's must be strange to be on a quiet shore, among nature, trees and birds, and to see the modern life on the other shore, as a skyline.. I love your last picture with the bench and the fisher man: Very peaceful!

Malyss said...

Me again: today, (only a picture) and tomorrow( more pictures), a stroll through a japanese garden on my blog..Ü

Cezar and Léia said...

I think people there are enjoying a lot this Summer!Very nice pictures, I loved the water blue colour with soft reflection and all light, and the bridge is fabulous!

Vogon Poet said...

Great set of photos of a place so calm and beautiful.

Frank said...

Spectacular park. So beautiful right on the bay. Awesome.

Hilda said...

It looks so serene and beautiful that if it weren't for the fantastic views of the city, it's almost hard to imagine that it is so near a huge city!

m_m said...

Beautiful place!

Ayie said...

i remember always seeing this scenery watching anime =)

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