September 13, 2009

Big Tuna on the Sign

sign of a sushi shop
shin-ohashi-dori(street) at tsukiji
This is a sign of a sushi shop.
I took this photo on shin-ohashi-dori (street) at tsukiji.
There is a big fish market in tsukiji.

These photos were taken on August 26 , 2009.


Hilda said...

Mmmmm… I'd love to have some of that very fresh sushi! Love the fun sign too.

arabesque said...

what a big "fishy" sign they got there! ookidesune! ^-^

Vogon Poet said...

It surely gets your attention, very funny and well done!

Frank said...

Great sign. I love it. It beats anything I have found in the US. (But I keep looking everyday.)

amatamari© said...

Beautiful shot and that big fish!

valeria said...

Amazing, that's really a HUGE sign, one can't miss it...!
I had lunch at a Japanese cheap restaurant a few days ago; it wasn't as good as the one we usually go (every now and then...) and I thought about you... and what you might have said about that food... Plus, I have struggled with the sticks all the thick am I???

ebe4 said...

Amazing and fun:)

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