October 14, 2009


Isegen (いせ源) is a long-established Japanese restaurant in kanda-sudacho.
The restaurant is specializing in monkfish (arglerfish) dish.
It was established in 1830, and current building was built in 1930.

It is located very close to Takemura that I introduced you yesterday.

These photos were taken on September 19 , 2009.


Frank said...

Established in 1830?? Japan has such a long history and your architecture is fascinating. Built in 1930...that makes it rather new, right?

nobu said...

Hello Frank.
Original building burn down by the great kanto earthquake of 1923.
And current building was rebuilt in 1930.

Hilda said...

The architecture is gorgeous! I hope their food is just as good. That's an amazing history for a restaurant.

Vogon Poet said...

Very interesting building. I'd be courious to know is this is still the original building restored or something built anew.

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