December 9, 2009

Hibiya Street in Late Autumn

hibiya street in late autumn
I took these photos last Friday on Hibiya-dori (Hibiya street) at marunouchi.
You can see outer moat of Imperial palace in the photo above.

hibiya street in late autumn

Leaves of ginkgo changed to golden yellow.

These photos were taken on December 4 , 2009


Anonymous said...

Love these, and the Hibiya Park ones you posted a few days ago. I love this part of Tokyo.

White Oleander said...

The weather still looks so nice over there. I wish it was the case in Denmark.

Cezar and Léia said...

I'm always impressed with those clean streets and everything there is well prepared and done!
This street is really beautiful in Autumn!
Great shots!

Malyss said...

I like the wonderful autumn light in your pictures!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo. I like the street scene.

Sam said...

I like your site. can I link you up with my travel blog davao delights (

you-wee because said...

Konnichi-wa, Nobu-san!

I (accidently) came across your Tokyo blog and of course I was really pleased to watch your impressions of this megacity. Especially because I did an eight days (business) trip to Tokyo August this year. It was my first trip to Japan.
I lived in a hotel directly above Shibuya station and had to travel in southerly direction every day to Ota-ku / Omori station to come to our Japanese subsidiary.

I really enjoyed my time in your part of the world.

So if you allow I keep in touch with your blog.

By the way: My name is Uwe, Americans would pronounce my name like "you-wee" and I'm German.

So please feel free to cast an eye to my internet diary, too. If you scroll down a little you may find some of my Tokyo impressions I captured end of August 2009.

Regards from Germany, Uwe.

Anne Vis said...

Beautiful shots!

Vogon Poet said...

You still have a good weather and the trees are keeping their gorgeous foliage...

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