March 18, 2011

Thanks Dear Friends

Thanks so much for giving warm words to me and Japan.
After the earthquake, I have an inconvenience life by electricity shortage.
But I can't complain it, thinking of the people suffered from the disaster.

By the way, this is a bridge in Koishikawa Korakuen taht is a Japanese style garden located in Bunkyo ward.
This bridge is called "Engetsu-Kyo".
I took these photos in last autumn.
It was only around four months ago, but It seems like a very long time ago for me.

This post will be last post on this blog in this month.
But I will come back in April and show you cherry blossoms in Tokyo.

These photos were taken on November , 29 , 2010.


Mirage said...

I'm glad you're ok...this event is something that is etched in our minds....will wait for the cherry blossoms! Tkae care!

Malyss said...

Dear Nobu!
It's a joy and a relief to hear from you.We know through TV that Japan is living very hard times, and my thoughts are turned to your country every day.I saw that you have to be careful and save electricity, so I understand. Take a good care of you and your family.Don't lose your courage, and keep some little time to go on talking to the trees, I think they need some solace too..
With all my friendship, Malyss

alice said...

Thoughts again and I'll look to your blog in April. Take care.

amatamari© said...

Dear Nobu,
is a deep sadness to think of the tragedy that you live and a great teaching your composure, your courage, your dignity ...
'sakura ga ya ku no shaba sakeba saita tote'
fall - like petals - these words of Issa ...
My sincere hug!

Pat Tillett said...

I am very happy to hear that you are safe. I'm sure things will improve soon. Take care of yourself and be safe...

Poetic chronicles said...

I've been thinking of you and all your fellow citizens. I have a lot of admiration for the Japanese people, their courage and dignity! Take good care of yourself, and come back soon to show us the cherry blossoms of Tokyo!

Lili said...

I'm glad to read you're ok
I'm so sad since 8 days... and so admirative for Japanese people, so brave and courageous!
I like this bridge. It's in the garden close to Tokyo Dome isn'it? I visited it 2 years ago...

Imaginacja said...


Całym sercem pozdrawiam,
życzę mnóstwa dobra, zdrowia,
sił, by przetrwać ten ciężki czas...

Uśmiecham się do Twojej
kwitnącej gałązki wiśni,
którą mam nadzieję,
że już niedługo zobaczę :)

Mocno ściskam Przyjacielu
z cudownej Japonii!

echo said...

I'm so glad that you are all right. You are one of the first people I thought of when news of the earthquake reached me. I've been thinking nonstop about the people of Japan and the unimaginable suffering so many people must be going through.

I can't wait to see your photos of the cherry blossoms of Tokyo. I'll be taking some pictures within the next few weeks of the cherry blossoms over here, so we can compare once again.

Take care, and know that many people are thinking about you!

Kate said...

Such terrible devastation for your country! Looking forward to good news from you!!

Sherry Stewart said...

Nobu, I am also happy to hear you're ok there. I am so sorry for this sad event to trouble your lives. I think of you and your Mother, and all my friends there, and all those who are deeply challenged by losses that are grievous. the world feels the pain of all your losses with you.

Sherry Stewart said...

Nobu, I had a dream one morning. I dreamed ume branches came through my ceiling! And blossoms were apricot gold color. I have never seen ume tree or blossom.
On branches were many golden parakeets flying and singing.. I was so happy. It was peaceful and joyful.

This reminds me. Lately I'm reminded of my dream a lot. Good sign I think!

This is Japanese plum tree? The one for pickled plum?

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