May 8, 2011

Wisteria in Kameido Tenjin

Kameido Tenjin is a Shinto Shrine located in Koto ward.
I have already introduced you Ume blossoms in the shrine in this blog.
And the shrine is the most popular westeria viewing spot in Tokyo.
I visited there last wednesday.
If I had visited there around a week before ( or few days before ), I might have shown you more beautiful scene of the shrine with wisteria...

These photos were taken on May 4 , 2011.

This post is linked to Show me Japan , a weekend meme.
You can see many nice photos of Japan from there.
Please take a look!!


A and Y Ikeda said...

It looks so beautiful! And it reminds me of Ashikaga Flower Park :-)

Sarah said...

I love this place!

echo said...

So, so pretty!!

Gunn said...

What a beautiful place on this planet!
You are lucky!
Thanks for sharing it!

Gunn / Norway

Giga said...

Uwielbiam te krzewy. Mogę na nie patrzeć i patrzeć.Pozdrawiam

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