July 13, 2011

Senso-ji Temple on July 10

You can see so many people in these photos.
"Shimanrokusen-nichi Festival" is an annual event of the temple.
"Shimanrokusen-nichi" literally means 46000 days.
They say that one visit and worship to the temple on the festival has value same as 46000 visits on ordinary days.
This festival is held on every July 9 and 10.

These photos were taken on July 10 , 2011.


Malyss said...

What a crowd!I think I'd prefer to go there 46000 times alone than once with 46000 other people! :o)

Leif Hagen said...

Nobu-san, I always love these temple and festival photos! Makes me homesick for my time in Japan!

lina said...

The atmosphere there must be really festive. :)

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