December 20, 2008

End Year Jumbo Draw

nishi-ginza chance centerThis is nishi-ginza chance center.
This lottery ticket counter is very popular.

line to the lottery ticket counterPhoto above is a line of the people buying the ticket of "End Year Jumbo Draw"(nenmatsu-jumbo takara kuji).
So many people are in the line.
But, I think probability to hit is same, even if they buy it any place....

I took these photos on November, 29, 2008.

By the way, I introduce you the tresures which I got in this week.

( Awards )

This is a award from (Mad) Daily Photo which is a fantastic photo blog by Tr3nta.

Thanks, Tr3nta.

This award is from Blue Fragments * Fragments Bleus which is a lovely and poetic photo blog by Malyss.

Thanks, Malyss.

1 comment:

Malyss said...

Thanks to you! Ü

We have such lotery in France , but I NEVER saw so much people waiting for buying a ticket!(But I must admit I saw that in Italy)It seems that a lot of people are in need of hope...

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