December 19, 2008

Small Electric Part Shops in Akihabara

old building in akihabara electric town When I was young
I'd listten to the radio
waitin' for my favorite songs.............(Yesterday Once More)

Maid cafe, anime, game, and otaku good shops....
Akihabara is changing.

But you can still see the nostalgic scenery of akihabara electric town.

electric part shopsAlong the narrow path between old buildings, under the railroad overpath,
there are many of narrow electric part shops.

electric part shop
electric part shop
I think it is the original scenery of akihabara electric town.
I remember when I was a boy, I went to there to find a part of the radio.
So those sceneries take me back to my boyhood.

But just now, I have no time to be in nostalgic mood.
Because, tomorrow, I must go to nishi-ginza for treasure hunting!!
I will be waitting for you there tomorrow!!


Kuanyin Moi said...

It's good to see all the many sides of have a huge city and canvas! Come help me celebrate my 700th post today--it's a Japanese sushi place.

Malyss said...

Little shops are slowly disappearing everywhere in the world.Today, there are more and more big shoping centers. But those small shops had a soul. As we were small, we imagined they were like big caverns,magic places where to find lots of little treasures.I liked them , too.

Anne Vis said...

Interesting blog, thanks for sharing! :-)

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