April 13, 2009

Statue of Tora-san

statue of Tora-san
This statue stands in front of shibamata station.
Tora-san is the main character of movie series titled "Otoko wa Tsurai yo".
It is a very popular movie series (1969-1995) starring Kiyoshi Atsumi.
In tora-san movies, shibamata is home town of tora-san.

movie poster
Photo above is a movie poster.
It is displayed in Tora-san memorial hall in shibamata.


Malyss said...

Thou I'm very interested in japanese cinema, I've never heard about those movies. So I'm glad to learn that. It's impressive to see that a movie character is popular enough to have his own statue and a memorial!

Malyss said...

Me again: the building behind the flag is a very famous hotel called the "Negresco". One of the most luxurious of my town , and maybe in France!..

Cezar and Léia said...

Cool !
hey Nobu, you are so kind, many thanks for your answer about the ticket machine on the last post.Absolutely,people in Japan are very gentle and they can help!!Thanks!

Léia :-)

Vogon Poet said...

My knowledge of Japanese cinema is limited to Ozu and Kurosawa (and a few Godzilla movies). I'd like to know something more of Tora-san!

Marc said...

I wonder what kind of series it was he played in. Maybe comedy?

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