June 10, 2009

After rain in Akihabara

a crossing in akihabara
This is a crossing in akihabara electric town.
Many electric products stores are along those streets.
I took this photo on a Sunday late afternoon.

This photo was taken on May , 31.

Blog Award

Today, I received this wonderful award from " Nowy Sacz Daily Photo" of M_M.
I am very glad to be given the award from nice photographers, M_M.
I always look their blog, and see beautiful scenery in Poland.

Thanks M_M.


Malyss said...

Congratulations for your award!
It was a good week for you :-)).
I'll go to visit this blog, I don't know it, and it is not often possible to hear or read about Poland.

About your today's post, are you the only Japanese man to like rain?!I notice that once more, there is no one in Akihabara, when this district is usually full of people!That's a pity, the rain gives such a beautyful mood to places...

Luna ( from Brazil ) said...

ConCATulations dear Nobu! This award is cool and you well deserve it!
Your blog is wonderful and I loved this picture!
purrs and love

Vogon Poet said...

Really a beautiful image, I love cityscapes under or after the rain.

m_m said...

Thank you nobu! It is very nice what you wrote! It's a big pleasure for us that you like our photos!

Fine photo - it's so different view than we used to see in Europe!:).Great to see sth different!

Sincerely Alej said...

CONGRATS!! lol the award looks kewl, and hai, sukoshi! benkyoshimasu. i have a lot of japanese friends in NY they help me practice lol but hopefully i will stay in tokyo soon

nobu said...

Alej, Tokyo is always waiting for you.

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