June 11, 2009

Akihabara UDX and Akiba Bridge

Akihabara UDX and Akiba Bridge
Akihabara UDX is a building which stand on Akihabara Crossfield ( a redeveloped area in akihabara ).
A large screen is set on the wall of the building.
Akiba bridge is a pedestrian deck which connects each buildings in Akihabara Crossfield.

This photo was taken on May 31 , 2009


Frank said...

The pedestrian bridges are a smart way to move people in busy sections of the cities. Great idea and I'm sure very much appreciated in Tokyo.

Thank you for visiting Tampa Florida Photo (and being a Follower of Tampa Daily Photo.) Now I know that it's called "Koi Nobori." Boys Day. Very interesting. Beautiful and colorful fish kites.

Domo arigato

Malyss said...

Among those square buildings, the tall shape of that woman seems strange ..

Jacob said...

I agree with Frank - great idea! At first I thought the woman was walking on the bridge!

Vogon Poet said...

The woman on the screen is so weird just above the pedestrian bridge, very good shot.

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