June 6, 2009

Horikiri-Shobuen (Iris Garden)

horikiri iris garden
Horikiri-shobuen (Horikiri Iris Garden) is a botanical garden located in Katsushika Ward.
It takes around 10 minuets from horikiri-shobuen station (keisei-line) to there by walking.
It is noted place of hanashobu iris.
Hanashobu is a kind of Japanese iris.
You might have seen it in a ukiyoe by Ando Hiroshige.

This garden is not so large.
But it has around 200 varieties of hanashobu irises.

I took these photos today.
Those hanashobu irises are in full bloom now in the garden.

horikiri iris garden
hanashobu irises in horikiri iris garden
hanashobu irises in horikiri iris garden
horikiri iris garden
horikiri iris garden
horikiri iris garden
horikiri iris garden
horikiri iris garden

These photos were taken on Jun 6 , 2009.

In this year, those hanashobu irises in the garden are in bloom earlier than usual.


Malyss said...

A full garden dedicated to only one kind of flowers! I never saw that; And how imagine that they are so much different colors for a single flower?!..
You offer us an other wonderful stroll!

Jacob said...

Gorgeous flowers, Nobu. And you did a super job photographing them. Thanks!

m_m said...

Oh! I like botanical gardens! You can take so many macro photos there:)
And I like irises also - they are great flowers:)

amatamari said...

Wonderful wonderful wonderful!
Thanks for the series of images: a place where spend the time immersed in the beauty!

Sincerely Alej said...

awww kirei na! i realli want to go to a botanical garden, my friend juss informed me about 2 in ny that i need to check out, i heard theyre so peaceful, the flowers look so healthy in these photos good work!

Vogon Poet said...

A garden for one type of flower! I saw this only for roses. I didn't know that there were so many kinds of iris.
You probably know that my fellow citizen Mascagni wrote an open called Iris, obviously located in Japan.
It has very some great pieces: one of the greatest love duet and the famous 'Hymn of the Sun'.
Wonderful set of photos.

singapore florist said...

it's so gorgeous.

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