June 8, 2009

Paper Lanterns in Horikiri

paper lanterns in horikiri
I took this photo in front of horokiri-shobuen station.
I think horikiri is a town of iris in this time.
These paper lanterns are set for iris festival.

(Note)This photo was taken on Jun 6 , 2009.


Malyss said...

Another Beautyful way to celebrate the iris!

Cezar and Léia said...

wow I'm always fascinated for Paper lanterns! Sooo beautiful and mysterious!I hope it is not dangerous! ;-)
HAve a nice week!
Kind regards

Frank said...

As a little boy living on a military post outside Tokyo my father put up three fish in front of our home to represent his three sons. I was the middle son. The fish were really colorful and it graduated sizes, big to small. I've never forgotten being represented that way (although I do not know the origin or reason behind the tradition.) Do you still do that in Japan?

Zannnie said...

sweet...and nice photo!

Zsolt & Zannnie

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