June 16, 2009


This large pond is in Hama-rikyu Gardens.
The pond is named "Shioiri-no-Ike, 潮入の池".
It means incoming tide pond.
The water in the pond is drawn from Tokyo bay.

You can walk around the pond, and walk on bridges which are across the pond.
So you can enjoy many beautiful views of the pond.

When I visited there, I forgot time running.
If your hobby is photograph, I think you can stay around the pond so long time.

These photos were taken on Juon 12 , 2009.


amatamari said...

The enchantment to enter into a garden forgetting the time is a gift of nature and harmony that you breathe in that place...

Beautiful shots, thanks Nobu!

Vogon Poet said...

Beautiful photos, my favourite is the first. It looks like an enchanted place...

m_m said...

Lovely place! Looks simply great!

Hilda said...

It's almost hard to believe that this beautiful pond and garden is in the middle of a very busy city. Lovely.

Malyss said...

I can understand that you forget the hour in such an out- of- time place...I like the fact that the pond is bound with the tide. You showed an incredible contrast between the peaceful garden and the tall buildings behind.
This place seems to be an oasis of charm and peace.

Cezar and Léia said...

Hello Nobu!
This place is wonderful!
Those huge buildings on the background is a fabulous detail!So nice to see this paradise inside the city!
Have a nice day!

Hyde DP said...

what a lovely place to wander

Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures. Do you think you will go see the 1/1 gundam that has been constructed in Odaiba Shiokaze Park?

Anya said...

You have soooooo many blogs
they are all beautiful :)
Fantastic shots,
great post !!

nobu said...

Thanks all!!

Hello Anoy, Yes, I will go to see gundam.

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