December 14, 2009

Plaza of Tokyo International Forum

plaza of Tokyo International Forum
Tokyo International Forum is an exhibition and concert hall and conference center located in marunouchi district.
I like those trees in the plaza.

This photo was taken on December 4 , 2009.


Cezar and Léia said...

Beautiful trees indeed, also loved the Autumn's leaves.
Your picture is great!

Malyss said...

The trees give a soul to the place; Without them, it would be cold and too modern ,and without life.

Vogon Poet said...

Wonderful tree, perfectly placed between the two mirrored glass buildings.

Anonymous said...
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you-wee because said...

Thanks a lot for your comment on "summer memories" post, Nobu-san!

Over the last few days I was very busy. The approaching Christmas (festival), its necessary preparations and additional the normal everyday life didn't allow me too much to come into contact with the rest of the world... ;-)

Do you celebrate Christmas Day at Japan, too? Or is this just a normal business day in Japanese life?
Here at Germany 24th of December is half of a holiday; 25th and 26th od December are full holidays where work lies still. In other European countries it might be different.

Having a look on your tree photo, I'm really suprised that there are still a lot of leaves on it!
All deciduous/leaf trees at Central Europe already lost their foliage one or two months ago!
Certainly the winter at Tokyo isn't that severe than the winter we have in our latitudes...

Best wishes and thanks again for your kind comment,

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