January 30, 2010

Takeshiba Terminal

Takeshiba Terminal is a ferry terminal in Tokyo.

This mast stands on the plaza of the ferry terminal.

You can enjoy nice view of Tokyo water front from the ferry terminal.

These photos were taken on January 7 , 2009


Malyss said...

This spot is full of things I love: benches, sea, boats..A port is always interesting to discover. It tells much about the place, and there are so many things to see.
It was a beautyful day for you, the light is wonderful!

m_m said...

Great photos! I like especially the last view! Beautiful!

you-wee because said...

Konnichi-wa, Nobu-san!

Unfortunately I haven't been to Tokyo waterfront during my sojourn last August, although I was only a few kilometers away.
But I had the chance to see the Pacific ocean during a trip by train from Kamakura to Gora, because the railway line runs temporarily direct along the shore line.

Great to watch your pictures from the waterfront,


Cezar and Léia said...

Hello Nobu!
Beautiful and very interesting post!
I loved the angle in the second shot, just perfect!
Have a nice week

VP said...

A very different and fascinating view of Tokyo. I really enjoy these seascapes, you must post more of these.

PinkPanthress said...

Yeah, I very much like the last picture, the view really is beautiful!

PinkPanthress said...

Hello there, you have been tagged in my Blog... -> Click me for Award!

you-wee because said...

Hi Nobu-san,

would you be so kind and try to translate this in Englisch for me:
Is has to do with a character at at mountain at the town of Gora, Hakone (I think).
Domo arigato, UWe.

valeria said...

An amazing view, Nobu. A great spot for thinking.

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