May 24, 2010

Five Storied Pagoda in Senso-ji Temple

five storied pagoda in senso-ji temple

This five storied pagoda is 53 meter hight.
It was rebuilt in 1973.

This photo was taken on 19 , 2010.


Malyss said...

I'm wondering if it's possible to climb into this kind of pagoda, or are the stores only for decoration?

Nihal said...

Does not she know mountains are for climbing, but not holy places (temples, synagogues, mosques...)
Absurd question!
In my next trip to Japan, I want to take time to enjoy the beauty of this unique pagoda architecture and its spiritual symbolism.

Malyss said...

In europe, it's possible to climb into the high towers of cathedrals,which are holy places so I don't see why my question was so absurd..

nobu said...

usually we can't climb up top of those towers.
By the way, why those towers are so high?
I think every one can worship temple from far.
So it is not decoration.

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