May 23, 2010

Hozo Mon ( Gate )

Hozo-mon is the inner maine gate of Senso-ji temple in asakusa.

Hozo-monTwo wooden statues of Nio stand each side of the gate, and three lanterns are hanged in the center of the gate.
Hozo-mon (宝蔵門) literaly means treasure house gate.
Senso-ji's treasures are kept in upper part of the gate.

Nio statue
black lantern
These photos were taken on May 19 , 2010.


Costea Andrea Mihai said...

beautiful images!! wonderful country you have!!

Nihal said...

With its beautiful colors, red lantern and elegant Japanese architecture at the oldest Senso-ji temple amazes me! Everytime, everytime, everytime..

Malyss said...

The gate is impressive by its size, and the statues by their aspect!I like the big lantern!

(Today, a japanese post on my blog!)

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