May 4, 2010

Yamabuki in Ninomaru Garden

Yamabuki and Ninomaru pond
Yamabuki(Kerria japonica)When I strolled around the pond that is located on Ninomaru Garden of Higashi Gyoen (The East Gardens of Imperial Palace), I found Yamabuki (Kerria japonica) blooming by the pond.

These photos were taken on May 1 , 2010.


Malyss said...

After yesterday's pink, the bright yellow with some touch of blue..Spring seems to be more beautyful in Japan than here, where it's still rainng!

you-wee because said...

Kerria japonica, in German known as Kerrie or Ranunkel, definitely a plant native in East Asia, is very popular in Europe, too. You can find many of them mainly in parks and gardens because of their bright yellow, beautiful blossoms.
I believe, I've seen already some of them in the spa gardes of my hometown, too.
Thanks for the beautiful pictures, Nobu-san.

Nihal said...

Yamabuki to iu tokoro mo arimasu ne? Nagano-machi no Takamori ni.. desu ne.

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