August 4, 2010

Lotus Pond

Every summer, I visit Ueno park to view lotus flowers.
Shinobazu-pond is a large pond that is located in Ueno park.
That part of the pond is called "Hasu Ike (lotus pond)".

These photos were taken on August 4 , 2010.


Malyss said...

I was in a japanese garden last sunday. There was also a pond, but it was not as beautyful as yours, and there was only.. one lotus! :)
I will try to post it next days so that you can see it;

echo said...

Gorgeous flowers! I wish we had lotus ponds here.

Hilda said...

I love your low angle and close-ups of the flowers. I have never seen a lotus flower in person.

Poetic chronicles said...

Oooh, this is so beautiful!

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