July 16, 2011

Hozuki and Japanese wind chime

I took these photos at Senso-ji temple last Sunday.
It was a day of an annual event of the temple called "Shimanrokusen-nichi".
(Please check my previous post from here )
During the event, hozuki(Chinese lantern plant) fair is held at the temple.

It was very hot when I visited there, but sounds of those wind chimes cooled me.

These photos were taken on July 10 , 2011.


Malyss said...

The light sound of wind chimes is very poetic.

PinkPanthress said...

The heat is palpable in these images.
Really love their vibrancy.

itstrott4u18 said...

i really loved these ones as images are meaningful and also wind chimes are favorable for decoration.

Wind Chimes said...

We have some wind chimes in our shop similar to these. Im hoping to find a traditional producer of Japanese wind chimes

garden ornaments said...

Wind chimes are considered to be excellent sources of positive energy.
Great post!

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