November 13, 2008

Shinjuku Koma Theater

shinjuku koma theaterThis theater is located in shinjuku kabukicho.

Koma Theater is well known as "sanctuary of Enka".
"Enka" is a genre of Japanese popular song which is full of pathos.
Many of enka singers had been dreaming to sing at the theater.

But actually, other program such as musical are also often performed at the theater.

By the way, It is pity that this theater is closed at the end of this year.

Photo below is the ticket counter of the theater.

ticket counter of koma theater


mirage2g said...

I watched full moon anime, just like you said most performers dream of someday performing in big theaters! Busy street there!

Malyss said...

I wonder why this theater must close !it's seems to be modern, of recent construction, in a town where there are a lot of people to go to see shows.;The closing of a theater is always something sad, it's a art's place that's diseappearing..

nobu said...

thanks for your comment.
I didn't know you are a anime fun.

I think the reason is that "Enka" is unpopular among young generation.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that this is gone now... I should find out what has replaced it.

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