December 21, 2008

Ginza at Twilight

cyuo-dori at ginza 4-chomeIn this time the sun set early.
In this week, I introduce you the sceneries of ginza at twilight.
Ginza is well known upmarket area in Tokyo.

This photo is a view of chuo-dori(street) at ginza 4-chome.
I took this photo on saturday, so the street at this area was car free in afternoon.
Many people were on the road.


JM said...

Very nice shot! The street looks really crowded!

Malyss said...

I like this kind of mood: winter, a street, night is falling, there are many people walking, lights are shining...a very seasonal shot..

Jessica said...

Great shot, I like the angle you took it at. You really captured the energy of the street.

Marc said...

Hi Nobu, I like learning about Tokyo through your blog. Very interesting. Thanks.
By the way, I just joined CDP with You're most welcome to visit and leave a comment.

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