December 22, 2008

Mikimoto Christmas Tree

mikimoto christmas tree
This is a big christmas tree displyed in front of Mikimoto main store.
It is along chuo-dori(street) at ginza.
When I went to there, many people wew taking photo with them cell phone.
I took the photo above around 4 pm.
And after around an hour, I took the photo below.

mikimoto christmas tree


humanobserver said...

I loved the first one...It was cool....

Malyss said...

Strangely, it seems that there are two different trees, with different colors.Did you change the camera, or is it because of the outside light?..It's funny to see the 2 girls being pictured under the first tree..I was wondering if Japanese People celebrate Christmas; apparently, they do?..

nobu said...

I took those photos with same camera(same cell phone).
around 5 pm, it was alredy dark.

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