December 12, 2008

Ueno Toshogu (2)

karamon(chinese style gate) Yesterday, We walked on the approach the shrine to here, in front of the Karamon(chinese style gate).
Well, let's go to see the main building.

entrance This is an entrance to the main building.
We have to pay 200 yen each to enter.

path along the wallMain building is surrounded by the wall.
We have to walk around the wall to enter.
Those yellow leaves on the ground are ginkgo leaves.

sukashi-bei (openworked wall)The wall is called "Sukashi-bei", a kind of openworked wall.

small garden in ueno toshoguIf you walk along the wall, you can see this lovely small garden side of the path.

entranceSorry I can't introduce you main building of the shrine today.
Because I wanted to show you these photos.
Tomorrow, I introduce you the main building and the view over the wall.

To be continued.
These photos were taken on december, 11, 2008


Malyss said...

those pictures are great because almost nothing shows that we are in the 21rst century.It's a travel through the time. I'm impatient to see the next photos.The place seems so serene ..

JM said...

This is a beautiful place, the photos are just great and the building looks fantastic!

Al said...

I love that picture with the stone lanterns on the left, leaves in the middle, and wall on the right!


Hilda said...

The walk down the path alone is worth the visit. Beautiful! I'm looking forward to your photos of the main building.

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