December 13, 2008

Ueno Toshogu (3)

Honden(mainshrine)Today I introduce you the main building of ueno toshogu.
The building is called "Konjiki-den".
"konjiki" means golden.

Photo above is a part of the main building, called "Honden"(main shrine).

Honden(main shrine)

Haiden(worship hall)
Photo above is a part of main building, called "Haiden"(worship hall).

Haiden(worship hall)
Haiden worship hall
Those photos were taken on December, 11, 2008


JM said...

Stunning building! Love all the details.

Malyss said...

This place is simply wonderful!What a beauty!It's incredible that this temple could survive through the years and centuries to arrive to us so perfect. And it must be very moving to walk on the same place than all those people before you.It looks like a spiritful place!

Malyss said...

By the way, yesterday evening there was a movie on T.V.It was called "Lost in translation", made by Sofia Coppola , with Bill Murray;It takes place in modern Tokyo, and for a short moment, in a temple at Kyoto.Do you know this film? I liked it.

Hilda said...

It really is golden! Real gold leaf? I think it's beautiful and the details are fascinating.

How old is the shrine, Nobu? I'm just curious.

nobu said...

Hello JM,
This building is not so large, but it has fine details as you say.

Hello Malyss,
I'v never seen the film, I'd like to see it.

Hello Hilda,
Yes, all the pillars and doors are covered with gold foils.
I heard that current main building was built in 1651.

Hilda said...

1651? Wow.

tr3nta said...

I just love Japanese vernacular architecture...

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