May 5, 2010

Bamboo Shoot in Higashi Gyoen

bamboo shoot in Higashi Gyoen
bamboo grove in Higashi Gyoen
Higashi Gyoen ( The East Gardens of Imperial Palace ) is located in center of Tokyo.
But, every time I visit there, I realize it has rich nature.

These photos were taken May 1 , 2010.


Malyss said...

Center of Tokyo?! hard to believe! this city is really full of surprises!

echo said...

Lovely, I love bamboo!

you-wee because said...

Giant Bamboo shoots grow extremly fast. If you take the next picture of the same shoot in one week it should be already 2 to 4 meters (or even more) higher!

Really a fascinating plant!

you-wee because said...

The week is over! Any idea, Nobu-san, how tall your captured bamboo shoot is already??

I wish you a pleasant weekend with great weather for taking photos. The weather in Middle Europe is currently modest (to lousy)...


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