June 4, 2011

Statue in Yushima Seido

That is a statue of confucious.
Yushima Seido is a confucious temple located near Ochanomizu station.

This photo was taken on Jun 3 , 2011.

This post is linked to Show me Japan , a weekend meme.
You can see many nice photos of Japan from there.
Please take a look!!


Malyss said...

I like very much the way you framed the statue.. The Old Man seems to be walking and getting out from the trees..

It's been a long time since you did not post. I hope you're well and safe. Take a good care of you!

A and Y Ikeda said...

Yes! I'm also glad to see you posting again! :-)

sixmats said...

Really interesting place. I wish I had known about it when I lived in Tokyo.

Valérie, from Poetic chronicles said...

The place is as beautiful and peaceful as it deserves to be. It really is!

lina said...

That's a nice photo you took. :)

echo said...

I really like this photo! Very refreshing and peaceful.

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