April 13, 2010

After Feast

I visited Ueno park again.
Almost petals of the blossoms had fallen.
But I love this peaceful atmosphere in the park.

These photos were taken on April , 13 , 2010.


you-wee because said...

Konnichi-wa Nobu-san!

Recent Saturday I was taking pictures of the blossoming of the cherry trees in the spa gardens of my home town Bad Mergentheim while the cherry blossoms in your part of planet Earth have already gone...

Today, during lunch break, I tried to capture some images of the magnolia blossoms in the town of my place of work, but they were all harmed by the undercooled soft hail of recent Sunday... ;-)

I like the calm atmosphere of your pictures.

I wish you always good light!

Regards, Uwe-san.

Malyss said...

The peace can be felt even through your pictures. Every time I come here, I feel better after:you are a "zen" giver! :)

PinkPanthress said...

I love tree-lined Alleys!!!

Mirage said...

Always a beautiful sight! I'm waiting for the sakura on our part, it's raining lately so I just they don't get destroyed by the water.

Hisashiburi ne, ogenki!

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