November 30, 2008

National Museum of Western Art

The National Museum of Western ArtThe National Museum of Western Art is located in ueno park.
This museum was opened in 1959 on the basis of Matsukata Collection.
The main building was designed by Le Corbusier.

You can see masterpieces of modern French sculpture in the garden.

the thinker"The thinker" ( by Rodin )

The Gates of Hell"The Gates of Hell" ( by Rodin )

Hercules the Archer "Hercules the Archer" ( by Bourdelle )


Malyss said...

It's interesting to see french art so far away from home!!!and funny to see that for you, it's "western" art..
Le Corbusier is very famous around here, and he finished his life very near my town.But I must admit I don't like his architecture too much..

tr3nta said...

Its a beautiful building... I like the 1st shot.

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