January 19, 2009

Sweet in akihabara

pakage design of the sweet
You can see illustration of the prim minister Taro Aso in the photo above.
It is a package design of sweet which is sold as a Tokyo souvenir.
Those sweets are sold at storefront of hobby shops in akihabara.

The approval rating of Aso's cabinet continues falling.
But I think he is still popular in akihabara

hobby shop in akihabara


Anne Vis said...

Nice shots, I always find it interesting to see that art is not only so different between individuals, but that there are such distinct cultural differences as well ... love the style of the drawings!

Marc said...

Prime minister sweets, we don't have that here. The sweets that politicians hand out before they're elected usually lose some of their sweet taste after a while...

Malyss said...

Here, we have no sweet with a minister or president.But it's possible to buy a kind of "vaudoo" puppet which has the head of our president!if you don't like him , you can set needles in the puppet!...The president wanted to interdict them, but justice allowed the shops to sell them!..I guess our president is much less popular than your prime minister!

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