January 21, 2009

Tokyo Radio Depart

tokyo radio depart
You may find this building in a photo which I post yesterday.
"Tokyo radio depart"(Tokyo radio department store) is a shopping mall which sells electric part.

toolsPhoto above is tools sold at the storefront.

inside of the buildingInside the building, there are many electric part shops.
It is a nice place for the people who build some electric equipment with their hand.

electric partsTo be continued.

These photos were taken on January 16, 2009.


Malyss said...

I've never seen so much electric things at the same place!you need to be passionnate to go to such places!

Marc said...

This looks like a typical Tokyo mall with many small shops. Must be a great place for hobbyists.

Tony Alexander said...

This is good information to know. I could use some nifty gadgets.

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