January 4, 2009

Walking from Ginza to Akihabara(Kyobashi-bridge)

kyobashi Now I'm about to leave ginza, and enter to kyobashi.
Kyobashi is not only place name but also name of the bridge which was over kyobashi-gawa(river).

monument of kyobashi-bridge Kyobashi-bridge was removed in 1959, because the river was filled.
The main pillar of railing remains as monument.

To be continued.
These photos were taken January 3, 2009


Malyss said...

always this mix between old and new: the bridge is modern, but you keep a track of the old one;that's a good way to both keep memory and look towards future; I like that state of mind.

JM said...

It is really nice they have kept the pillar.

Leica 麗香 said...

無論、「京」と言う漢字は写真の一番の部分です。 (~_^)

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