January 30, 2009

Tokyo Resurrection Cathedral

Tokyo Resurrection Cathedral
Tokyo Resurrection Cathedral
We usually call this cathedral "Nikorai-do"(Nicolai Cathedral).
It is a symbol of ochanomizu.
This cathedral was built in 1891.
Unfortunately, it was half destroyed by great kanto earthquake in 1923.
But it was restored in 1929.

Please imagine Tokyo 100 years ago.
There was no tall building, and not so noisy.
They could see this beautiful cathedral from far away, and the bell would sound far and wide.

Thanks for walking with me from akihabara electric town to here.
This walking course is not so long, but you can enjoy the scenery changing dramatic.
I hope you to walk there if you visit Tokyo.

By the way, I will post photos about ochanomizu in several days.
Ochanomizu is a my favorite place in Tokyo.

These photos were taken on January 16, 2009.


Marc said...

It's a wonderful building nobu. I particularly like the nice green colour of the dome and cupola. On this walk I noticed the difference between the modern, crowded places in the city and the quiet, beautiful places that are still there for you to go to. I thank you for this interesting walk. You are a good guide.

Malyss said...

This cathedral looks more like an orthodoxe cathedral than a catholic one. the architecture, the roofs ,the colors and the name (Nicolai), let think of russian culture..It is strange to see such a building in Japan.Anyway, it's quite beautyful, and it was a great and interesting walk, through space and time. I'm impatient to discover your next destination!..

JM said...

This is an amazing building and looks so well preserved! I agree with Marc, you are a good guide, Nobu! :-)

PinkPanthress said...

I have to second Malyss, it looks quite slavic/orthodox, but whatever, I really like the shots, the clean colours, the crisp look and the of course by the angle more pronounced size of it!

Walker said...

Beautiful, well done!!

Malyss said...

Do you know if there are a lot of orthodox people in Japan?

Mo said...

Like that building.

Anne Vis said...

Great architecture! Beautiful shots!

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